One Room Challenge Fall 2021: Week 7

I can’t believe it — we’re almost done with the One Room Challenge. Last week, I talked about tiling the zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace I built.

This week, I’m going to do what most people typically do in Week One: talk about furnishing the room. Partly I waited so long to do this because the fireplace was 100% my priority. But also, my process is different.

But let’s jump into furnishings and then I’ll touch on my process.

The Furnishings

Here are some of the ideas for the living room. Keep in mind that the only existing furniture was a card catalog, which we’re keeping in there. So I needed to get everything.

Living room mood board

I’ll link everything here now, going from top to bottom and then left to right.

I’ll leave it to the reveal to show where we ended up 🙂

The Process

So my process may be a little different than other people’s. Because I didn’t make the mood board you see above before I started ordering. Instead, I started by standing in the room and getting a feel for it.

The I asked myself a series of questions:

  • What could we picture ourselves doing in here?
  • How do we want to feel while we’re in the room?
  • What will hold up well with the dogs?
  • What style do I want to go with?
  • How will it look from the kitchen, and vice versa?

The Starting Point

When we bought the house, it had a modern farmhouse vibe on the inside. I’m not super into modern farmhouse, but I don’t hate it. And I see no point in tearing out perfectly useful stuff unless I do.

So the shiplap walls in the kitchen would be staying. Which meant whatever I picked for the living room would have to at least not clash with those, since they are clearly visible.

I really, really, really like mid-century modern. And I think it actually looks ok with modern farmhouse. So that was the goal, style-wise.

Then I thought about the couch. I love sectionals, but we have one in the family room. It’s leather, and about 15 years old, and it still looks great. So I knew I wanted leather — but a regular couch this time.

So the couch/sofa was where it all really started. And I went piece by piece from there. Except I couldn’t wait for everything to get in to see how it looked, because I’d still be ordering stuff today if I did that!

Ordering Everything

With the supply chain issues and shipping times being what they are, I started ordering furniture this summer. Everything was delivered at random times over a period of months, with the last of it arriving just a couple of weeks ago.

So I couldn’t see any of it in person ahead of time. Or know how it would truly look when all put together. (Because I can’t picture things in my head.)

So there was definitely some trial and error! And we ended up using part of the furniture I ordered in a different room altogether. (And returning some.) But that’s ok, because I’m really happy with the final result.

Speaking of which, next week is the reveal! I can’t wait to show you everything 🙂

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the other One Room Challenge participants here!

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