Kitchen Table Mockup

We moved from a smaller house to this one, which means we’re short of furniture. In fact, we have almost no furniture at all (unless you count a card table) in our living room or kitchen.

I ordered a kitchen table a couple of months ago, but it’s not expected to ship to us until the end of September. (Thanks, COVID supply chain issues!)

It also did not come with chairs, which is good because we only need two. (Or maaaaybe 3.)

After some hunting, I finally found a couple that will go. Here’s the mockup.

Kitchen table & chairs mockup

(Excuse our open-air snack pantry; we need to order more cupboards too.)

Can’t wait to try them out! The chairs should arrive toward the end of August or early September, so we’ll know if they’re comfy ahead of time at least.

Table is the Lippa with a rose gold base. Chairs are the Masters Entangled in black.

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