Building a Little Free Library

We’ve wanted to build a Little Free Library for a while now, and are finally in a place where we have room to put one up.

(If you aren’t familiar with the idea, you buy or build a container for books to share with the community. People can take books, leave them, or both.)

Making a Plan

I started by browsing the Little Free Library site to learn about the process and to see what they offered. They have kits you can buy, or you can make your own. After reviewing some of the plans online, I decided to make ours myself.

In essence, the Little Free Libraries are typically shaped like giant birdhouses. (With a window for book display instead of a hole for birds.) That seemed doable.

Little Free Library Supply List

Next up was a trip to Lowe’s. Here’s our supply list:

  • 4x4x8 pressure treated post
  • a sheet of exterior-grade plywood
  • 18×24 sheet of plexiglass
  • mirror clips to help hold the plexiglass in
  • 2 magnetic catches
  • 2 self-closing hinges
  • a wooden knob
  • exterior wood screws
  • primer
  • exterior paint
  • 2 angle brackets
  • wood filler
  • paintable caulk

The total with tax was $171.28, although that did not include the wood screws since I had those on hand. (Plywood is up to $61 now!)

We will be getting their registration plaque too, which runs around $40.

For that price I could have just bought their mini kit, which includes registration. But our library will be much bigger and will be painted. Their larger versions run close to $300.

Overall I feel like we’re probably only saving $100 by building it vs. buying a larger version, but I get to build it!

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